sitrep 0.1.6

sitrep 0.1.5

sitrep 0.1.4

  • Rename import of {msfdict} to {epidict}
  • Remove duplicate excel files from {epidict}

sitrep 0.1.3

  • gen_polygon() has been moved back into this package as it did not really belong in {msfdict}. Note that this should not affect the user experience. (@zkamvar, #235)

sitrep 0.1.2

sitrep 0.1.1

  • Import {apyramid}. Code from plot_age_pyramid() was moved to the {apyramid} package, which is currently on GitHub, but soon to be on CRAN (@zkamvar, #225)
  • Removed erroneous emoji in comments that was causing errors in Windows installations (@zkamvar, #227)
  • NOTE: this release on GitHub was not associated with a formal version change.

sitrep 0.1.0

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • First official release of the {sitrep} package.