Generate breaks for color scales


Automatically calculate breaks for a number

Modify column names

rename_redundant() augment_redundant()

Cosmetically relabel all columns that contains a certain pattern

unite_ci() merge_ci_df() merge_pci_df()

Unite estimates and confidence intervals

Format age categories

age_categories() group_age_categories()

Create an age group variable

Calculate proportions

Use these functions to calculate tables of proportions using binom::binom.wilson()

attack_rate() case_fatality_rate() case_fatality_rate_df() mortality_rate()

Rates and Ratios

Format proportions and confidence intervals inline

Use these functions to produce inline text in Rmarkdown documents

fmt_ci() fmt_pci() fmt_pci_df() fmt_ci_df()

Helper to format confidence interval for text


Counts and proportions inline



create factors from numbers